Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Not Thanksgiving Anymore...

I was just checking out blogs and I realized that I still have a Thanksgiving background on my can't believe I've been such a slacker! Although I haven't blogged much either. Oh well.

We just had our first play date that my sis Katie set up (actually it was our second thanks to Lara, Caedra and Grant who came over a few weeks ago :). Bekah had a great time playing with a sweet little blond 3 year girl while Sadie split her time between being a third wheel -trying to keep up with the big girls - and taking care of baby Cole.

And speaking of Cole....The girls LOVE living so close to him...Bekah calls him little Mr. (cousin Gavin is the original Mr.) and Saide runs around chanting BaBy. They love to hold him, smother him, touch him and most of all fight over who gets to be his "mommy"....Bekah even plays house and pretends she's Auntie Katie and her dolls are baby Cole. So cute. I'm so glad we have all found things to love about our new home! I even saw the sun today for about 3 minutes :) I know it's kinda sad but on the up side peole who wear scarves, layers, hats and uggs actually need them since it's so cold....I wear a scarf almost everyday now and tons of layers! That's fun right ?!


Mama Mote said...

How fun that the cousins will get to grow up together. That is special. Most of ours are on the East Coast and we haven't traveled much. Kinda sad. I think I need to get in touch with mine at least. Then Dan's. Enjoy your new place and friends (as they come).

2Badgers said...

Hi to all of you from Mom B this time. Glad to read of the great girl socializing and layering that you are all doing. I'm sure that you cuties are the most fashionable in your uggs and scarves:)It even feels colder to me where we are, but I can blame it on aging! We are always in the mood for piling up more blankets. Love and prayers. Let us know if we can do anything for ya, okay?

Liv said...

Sweet! Its alwys adorable to see them interact in a nurturing way. It must be nice to live next to your sister- I wonder when that will happen for me.
Scarfs and hats... yes its nice and nastalgic until its been gray for 3 months straight with no sun shine- but I highly doubt that happens anywhere in cali. I miss home.