Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Few Pictures of Our New Home

Well...this is it :). The front of the house could use a little color....but nothing a few flower bushes can't do!
This is the front porch! I'm so excited to have one....I've always wanted a place to relax outside. Now I just need some furniture for the summer time. I think I want white wicker to soften up the dark brown of the house....any other ideas?
And our living room! (btw the front door is 4ft wide - it made moving in really easy). The valence came with the house so I'd like to replace them with a not so gold/fluffy style or I'm going to make some....I just need to decide what color to bring in.
Our bedroom. We have the loving brown wall in but at least it's kinda hidden behind the furniture and drapes...every old house needs one ugly wall right.
This is the girls room. They have their own "walk" in closet and bathroom! So fun! Sadie's crib is on the wall you can't see but her stuff is in there too.
The dinning room. Our table ended up fitting really nicely in this spot and I started doing a little Christmas decorating before we left so those are ornaments hanging from the light.
This is one of the sides of the beautiful built in hutch...I'm finally able to display my china :)
I love this hutch!!! I've always wanted one and right when you walk in our front door your eye automatically goes to this beauty....I wanted to rent this house the moment I saw it :)
"The Nook". I decided to put the girls table in the kitchen nook so that we could do projects and play dough over tile and not turned out fitting really well.
This is one of our craigslist find! The house didn't come with a kitchen and our landlords said if we wanted to find one they would take off a week of rent...this stove saved us $152...very cool!
And this is my cute little kitchen. It's small but I think it will be very functional. There is a dishwasher to the left of the sink and cabinets lining the walls above the counters. All of the wood and tile look new and so clean! The house also has central heat and air, fans in every room, a big backyard, a large laundry/service porch off the kitchen -we found our washer and dryer off of craigs list too and I'm so excited to see what if's like to have laundy in my oun home...I'm sure it's great!!!

So we are pretty much all moved in and in a few weeks Keith will be done with scholl and we will take our girls to their new home for the fist time since moving in. We are very excited to settle in and make our first house a home!

Monday, November 9, 2009

So Much To Do...and so little time!!!

Well needless to say we have been VERY busy these past few weeks!
Keith turned the big 26 years old
Bekah turned the big 3 years old
Keith has 4 weeks left of his student teaching...Yay!!!
We finally sat down and talked about what our next step is after Keith get's his teaching credential. After many months of discussing, praying and avoiding the topic we finally made a decision.
WE ARE the valley
And we are actually looking forward to it...and least mostly. We always knew we would most likely need to move out of SLO after Keith graduated but we finally decided to go the Fresno area. My sister - Katie - lives in Kingsburg with her family and loves it. Our good friends just moved to Visalia for teaching jobs. There are about 4 or 5 job openings that Keith has applied for in the area and plenty of subbing opportunities if the jobs don't work out. The rent is lower and the jobs pay more.....and most importantly we both felt led to take this step and we are.
I went up with my mom and the girls this past weekend and after a lot of searching I found a cute little older house that has 2 small bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big back yard!!! and laundry hook ups!!!! (Keith and I have been married for almost 5 years and we have never had laundry in our home). It's on a quiet street in Selma (8 minutes away from my sister) and our landlords are really sweet... and they live right next door. They offered the house to me a few minutes after we met and hugged me when I left! Oh and it's month to month rent!

Keith and I are moving all of our stuff up the weekend before Thanksgiving (I have sooooo much packing to do!) so that I have a few days to clean our appartment and maybe have a garage sale before Dec. 1st. Then we will spend the first two weeks of Dec. living back at my mom's house while she and Bill are out of town so that Keith can finish school and then it's up to our new home in Selma.

I can't belive I'm actually going to be leaving San Luis - this is a first for me - but I'm ready for the next step in this journy we call life and I'm excited to see the blessings that come from it.