Monday, January 25, 2010

Life in Selma

-Bekah started going to pre-school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings - it's a great christian school in Kingsburg that she loves....and Sadie and I have been enjoing some 1:1 time while Bekah is busy learning :)

-We have been going to play dates, meeting friends for library story time, hanging out with Katie and Cole a lot and loveing it!, picking up the disastered house before daddy comes home while getting a homemade dinner on the table...almost every night :), playing a lot of make believe....princess, grocery shopping (with fake food and the orange tree outside our house), lion, fort castles, tea party, Friday night movie nights....with homemade sugar popcorn! The girls are playing so much better together lately - they still fight but what sisters don't - right?:)

- Sadie has gone Pee-on-the-potty a few times! It's so fun to see the excitement of both girls and to follow bare buns Sadie running into the Kitchen for a pee-pee treat...oh and she loves to walk around in these light up princess heals. Sadie loves to accesorize and Bekah loves to wear the "moving" dresses.

-I've started doing a Turbo - Jam video since I'm not able to go to the gym and the girls do it with me sometimes...although they only last about 3 min - such slackers :)

-Keith is getting the hang of his new schedule - he's gone around 6:15am and home around 6pm. The girls are usually waiting for him in their princess dresses ready to attack him when he walks through the door. Bekah is usually either yelling - "Prince Daddy come dance with me!" Or....she will run into her room when she hears him opening the door, jump into bed, close her eyes, pucker up and then yell....."Prince Daddy - I'm snow white and I've eaten the apple and you need to come kiss me on the lips!...and wear your cape" (a blanket he wraps around his neck). When Sadie realizes "Prince Daddy" is home she starts dancing with herself chanting Da-De!, Da-De! And for myself...I watch and smile. I'm so thankful that life is good, that I have a wonderful husband and that my girls have a prince in their daddy...I hope they will always view him that way.....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Week Teaching Update

I'm a T-Bird

View from my door toward the center of campus.

I now get to say, "Open your books to Page 470." Such power.

It is impossible to summarize all that happened the first week teaching 7th grade English, so I guess I'll just say that I made it! It was crazy and confusing at many points, but God sustained me and I know He's placed me precisely where I'm at for His purposes. Dinuba? Really? Yep.

The school is certainly facing challenges. Nearly all students come from poor homes, so the school provides free breakfast and lunch to all students. The test scores are low, and if they don't come up this spring, there may be some changes next year. Each week we focus on one CA state standard (this week was cause and effect) and then the students are tested on Friday. This past Friday, only 29% of my students tested at a proficient level, results that were typical for the other 7th grade English teachers as well. Definitely a reality check.

In the midst of this exhaustion, long days and late nights, too many unknown educational acronyms, I've had a deep sense of satisfaction as I realize that I am exactly in the right place. I work with an upbeat staff. My students are hilarious. I have a fulfilling job that I love. And I get to come home Friday night to my awesome girls and look forward to a weekend of family time (family time=Pizza Hut and Barbie movies). What more could I ask for?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Not Thanksgiving Anymore...

I was just checking out blogs and I realized that I still have a Thanksgiving background on my can't believe I've been such a slacker! Although I haven't blogged much either. Oh well.

We just had our first play date that my sis Katie set up (actually it was our second thanks to Lara, Caedra and Grant who came over a few weeks ago :). Bekah had a great time playing with a sweet little blond 3 year girl while Sadie split her time between being a third wheel -trying to keep up with the big girls - and taking care of baby Cole.

And speaking of Cole....The girls LOVE living so close to him...Bekah calls him little Mr. (cousin Gavin is the original Mr.) and Saide runs around chanting BaBy. They love to hold him, smother him, touch him and most of all fight over who gets to be his "mommy"....Bekah even plays house and pretends she's Auntie Katie and her dolls are baby Cole. So cute. I'm so glad we have all found things to love about our new home! I even saw the sun today for about 3 minutes :) I know it's kinda sad but on the up side peole who wear scarves, layers, hats and uggs actually need them since it's so cold....I wear a scarf almost everyday now and tons of layers! That's fun right ?!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Classroom transformation

Not a bad view from just outside my new classroom door!

I've gotta get some rest before tomorrow, but here are some before and after shots of my new school in Dinuba, CA. Thanks so much to Jan for watching the girls this weekend and of course, I couldn't have done any of this without Cara.



TADA! The two day classroom make-over. Tune in tomorrow for a first day-as-a-real-teacher report and some more pictures. And don't forget to pray!!