Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beat the heat!

Last week the temps were unbearably hot here in SLO, the hottest four day period on record for this area. Wednesday--100, Thursday--107, Friday--113, Saturday--109!! To make matters worse, nobody in SLO, us included, has AC so staying indoors was not much for relief. But we managed to make due, eating all the Otter Pops at Gram's (Jan's) house and going in the kiddie pool. And then, since that wasn't interesting enough, Josh and I created the "redneck waterslide" using an old patio chair and slide from an old playset. It was a smashing success, helping Bekah at least to enjoy heatwave 2008!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dangerous Grace

Some thoughts as I've been reading the Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning and allowing the words from one of my favorite songs to cut through...

Grace is dangerous. It compels us to journey beyond our safe 10 minute quiet times and repetitive prayers. It calls beyond simply playing the game and putting on the happy face, stripping us bare before the incomprehensible God. We so quickly hoard our accomplishments, our "hollow completions" to validate ourselves, to be called deserving. May we recognize our bankruptcy and cry out for Grace!

They're steady, steady breathers,

Who won't lift a finger for the gasping weaker.
You just hoard your hollow completion,
Like it's something wearing thin.
Like it's gonna get you in, When heaven comes.

'Cause when heaven comes,
I swear it comes in love.

Grace make your way to the well,
To those who deserve it.
After all they've earned it.
But vain, it's in vain,
'Cause they don't need it.

Grace make your way
Grace make your way
-As Cities Burn

Monday, June 16, 2008

CSET passed!

This afternoon we got the e-mail confirming that I passed the final two sections of the CSET!! Cara called me this afternoon while I was at One Source to tell me the good news, and I was so ecstatic and even shocked as I hadn't felt confident that I would pass both sections. So now the pathway has been cleared to be accepted by Cal Poly, since if I hadn't passed they may not have admitted me until Winter or even later. Phew!! So tonight we celebrate--most likely by grabbing some Taco Bell (I'm very easily pleased) or some other "eat out" grub, and then Cara and I watching a CSI episode or two. Or three.
I wanted to also thank my parents for an amazing dinner out last night to celebrate my Mom's big...umm...some milestone number birthday. They took us to Mcphee's in Templeton and WOW was it good. I had a ribeye steak with jalepeno cheese mashed potatoes on the side, and Cara had the top sirloin. For dessert, my brother Chad and I both gorged ourselves on hot fudge sundaes with roasted macadamia nuts--somehow we still had room, I'm not sure how. It was a dinner we will not soon forget! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Monday, June 9, 2008

How is Cara doing?

Today was a Monday for Cara. She ripped her favorite pair of jeans. She unexpectedly fell into a 2 ft. deep hole while trying to get from the sidewalk into the car in downtown SLO (she's fine though). The fall resulted in spilling some of her Berry Berry yogurt from Country Culture, a true tragedy. And finally, an ultrasound revealed that she has a very healthy, yet very large baby inside her, just over 7 lbs currently and expected by the doctor to reach 9.5 lbs by birth time. So keep her in your prayers as she is hanging in there, and watch where you step in downtown SLO. I gotta go give her a foot rub.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

As local coffee shops go--and there are some good ones--Nautical Bean rocks!! Is 18 months too young?

Zoo time!

Sorry the for the lack of posts lately. I'll do better!! I may even get Cara to blog sometime though she has been extremely busy and tired. The zoo in Atascadero recently proved the perfect size for our little family. Meerkats, monkeys, goats, and various birds kept us entertained but not detained for too long as Bekah ran from exhibit to exhibit, primarily enjoying her freedom rather than checking out the animals. And I thought Cara went through exhibits quickly, never understanding the irrefutable Law of Tourism--"Thou must read every placard, sign, and memorial in its entirety." The two highlights were definitely the meerkats and goats, the latter Bekah had a blast feeding. We also created a "Sally Habitat" which Cara and I found hilarious, while Bekah was less than amused. After about an hour in the zoo, we retreated to the beautiful park by the zoo. Cara sat and rested (something she doesn't do nearly enough) while Bekah and I tried out various slides and swings. I may have had more fun than her. It was not too long ago that I remember dragging my Mom to various parks around the Hollister area--Dunne park, Calavaras, and Hill park. Sweet times. Anyways, it was a great day, and watching Bekah's expression as some goat slurped the cracker right out of her hand will stay with me forever!