Saturday, October 31, 2009

Surgery Update

Thanks for all who have been praying for my Dad (see previous post). The update is that the doctor said the prostate surgery went "perfect" and the outlook is excellent. I know he so appreciates your prayers, so thank you! Keep em coming!

In other news, I am slightly over the half-way point at my student teaching down at Lopez High School in Arroyo Grande. I just submitted grades for my first term and continue to be alternately inspired and, yes, sometimes infuriated by my students. Some are fighting to get an education despite already having babies or dealing with crippling life circumstances while others lose more and more of themselves through drugs and alcohol. And I get to walk in there every day and do my best to empower them. I love this profession.

Thanks Cara for being so understanding, loving, and just all around amazing!! She is making sacrifices every day to allow me to follow my dream.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surgery for my Dad tomorrow

Around two months ago now, my Dad (Mike Badger) was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. I'm humbled to remember that he was diagnosed just after Cara and I were reflecting back on the last year and asking Why did God have us go through all that? The answers to the question are unfathomable, but it left us realizing that God has a plan, however cliche that may sound--it is absolutely true.

So tomorrow my Dad goes up to Mountain View to have surgery. Since they caught it early, the chances for full recovery are extremely high and he won't need chemo or radiation, phew! He's in good spirits tonight and looking for how God can most be glorified through this latest trial, but he needs prayer for tomorrow morning and the subsequent recovery. So take a moment just as you're reading this to stop and pray for him--thank you!

Wherever you are tonight, here's hoping that your afflictions are being eclipsed by glory.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is there such thing as an EEA group!!!

I've been eating left over pizza and mini cinnamon rolls all day and I need to stop but I can't...I keep telling myself that my diet starts up again tomorrow but part of me really doesn't want it to...and as I'm typing this post all I want to do is go eat more junk food! I think I may need to join
Emotional Eaters Anonymous

Why does bad food have to be so stinkin yummy?

Saturday, October 3, 2009