Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Busy Summer

So I thought once we reached summer our schedule would be less crazy....I think I was wrong. The past few weeks have been insane with work and life but I'm making it my personal goal to figure out a way to have some much needed fun family time...and maybe some alone time too. Last week the girls and I met Keith in AG (one of his jobs is close to the village) and we all went to Klondikes Pizza and then to Bernardo's for one scoop (shared by all of us :) of peach ice cream (flavor picked by Bekah- I would have gone for chocolate). It was such a wonderful fun family date - I can't wait to splurge like that again....we all needed it and it was so so worth it.
Yay for Family Dates!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Say Cheese!!!

Friday night movie night has become a tradition in our home, we...make "sugar popcorn" (air-popped popcorn with melted butter and brown sugar sprinkled over the top, netflix a fun kid movie (tonight it's The Brave Little Toaster), push the ottoman up to the couch so it's like a big bed and cover it with a quilt. Tonight Bekah's best friend came over to join us - they each had their own bowl of sugar popcorn, juice cup, blanket and pillow....sounds pretty relaxing to me :)

Today the girls wresled for the first time and it didn't end in tears! They were so cute to watch...they loved rolling around on the floor with eachother screaming and giggling :)

I think Sadie Won!!!

Last week I took the girls for a Bali's yogurt and they loved it. I love this yogurt shop because you serve yourself - I get them each a squirt of yogurt in their own cup and it costs under a $1....pritty good huh!

Oh these girls are so cute...at least I think they are but that might just be because I'm their mommy :)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Growing Girls

My girls are growing up...

can sing the ABC'c only missing 2 letters
can count up to 17
wears big girl panties all the time except when she sleeps
washes her little sister's back with soap during bath time
likes to put real puzzles together (the ones with big pieces and with a little help)
wants to pick out her outfit everyday and do everything by herself
I just sent in an application for her to attend Tiny Tigers pre-school in the fall!

is eating real food...she loves green peas, beets and strawberries
can stand up all by herself from sitting
can take one solid step before dropping to her knees to crawl
loves to scream with excitement when she and her big sis are playing
loves to "read" books, speed crawl for the stairs when I haven't yet put up the gate
she has bangs now....making her look like a real little girl

wow...time goes by so fast!