Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nana and Poppop visit

I wanted to post a few highlights of a visit from my grandparents (aka Nana and Poppop) a few weekends ago. On Saturday, we all went to Avila Valley Barn, this little tourist trap with animals, fresh produce, and a candy shop (my favorite part). Bekah seemed somewhat interested in the ducks and goats, but the most fascinating animal in the whole place was a random black bird that flitted around the grass area, tantalizing Bekah while she pointed and yelled "BAAAA". The bird finally flew up on a nearby roof, out of Bekah's sight, and she did her signature confused look, raising both hands and saying "Go??" (see picture above). It was hilarious. Cow--who cares; donkey--so what; peacock--yawn; common black bird--SWEET!!
Next we ventured over to the sweet shop, the home of all things good, beautiful, and scrumptious. Nana treated us to ice cream, and Bekah insisted that she needed her OWN cup of Cookies and cream and do everything herself. If we tried to help her, she got mad. So she had the time of her life, and was covered in ice cream goo in no time, thus marking the end of Avila Valley Barn time. It was so much fun!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Big Test and Itunes

It's been feeling a lot like Summer around here lately, and Bekah and Cara are over at the Laity's new place, the little cottage on the Smith's property, hanging out and trying to stay cool. While summer isn't my favorite time of year, it is beautiful here in SLO, and usually very quiet as most of the college students go home.
So a week ago, I finally joined the digital music age and bought music off of Itunes. Yes, I realize that I'm way behind the curve, per usual for me, but at least I finally went for it, prompted by gift cards. I remember my Dad and I wandering into Target several years after the idea of compact discs hit the market to buy our first cd player. And now cds are becoming obsolete. Anyways, I picked up a few tracks from Jeremy Riddle, The Fold, As Cities Burn, and the British rock band Muse. The Fold has been okay so far, while the other bands have been fantastic. As Cities Burn has a few tracks on their newest CD that have blown me away and had me tapping my fingers, much to Cara's chagrin (it annoys her to no end). As Cities Burn used to be more of a hard band, but their latest cut brings out a more artsy and complex sense, very Edison Glass-esque. And Muse--thanks to my brother Kirk (Happy 20th b-day to him, by the way) for introducing me to them a while back. Their CD Absolution has to be one of my all-time favorites, beautiful, haunting, and unpredictable.
In other family news, be praying as I have a HUGE test coming up this weekend, the CSET, and if I don't pass it this time around, Cal Poly may not let me in to the teaching credential program this fall. So I better pass it. Have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Auntie 'Lissa

Here are some more Bekah pictures, each one related to her Auntie Lissa. Alissa just recently turned 18, and she had a "kid's" party in the park, complete with bubbles, hula hoops, cupcakes and a pinata. Bekah and I were able to swing by for a bit, braving the 90 degree heat, and we had a blast! Sadly, however, we had to go before it was time for the pinata, but all the candy was probably totally melted anyways. Needless to say, we love Alissa and don't know what we'd do without her!